Let’s Just Kick Them While They Are Down

“Germany follows Switzerland and Denmark to seize cash and valuables from arriving refugees…” The Independent, January 23, 2016

Are these countries crazy or just heartless? This kind of policy is the worst of short-term thinking for countries that should be capable of far greater than that. How can these policy makers, who I presume have some kind of educational background, some kind of experience and, hopefully, wisdom and maturity that would exceed that of an elementary school student, not realize that this is the worst thing to do?

The last thing these people need is more suffering, sacrifice and sorrow. They came with all they could carry, they had to leave so much behind: dear people, special places, treasured things, that they very likely will never see again. Ever. Think about how that would feel. These people endured horrors, terrors, nightmares that we would not wish on our worst enemies, on our worst enemies! These people are not our worst enemies. They are babies, children, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, grandparents, husbands, wives, best friends, neighbours, teachers, doctors, nurses, great chefs, entertaining artists, entrepreneurs, soccer players, volunteers, musicians, storytellers, dreamers, problem-solvers. They are regular folks, like you and me, they have loved ones, they have dreams, they have needs, they want a better world for their kids, their parents, they want peace, they know the pain, the brutal pain of war. They are intimate with the worst sorrows, the worst fears, the worst nightmares of war. They have every reason in the world to seek peace, for they know how brutal the alternative is. They have something to live for. Look how hard they are trying to survive! They are desperate to live!

Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, all of Europe, all of the world, these people are not your enemy. They are your new neighbour, your new classmate, your new friend. Don’t kick them when they are down. Give them a chance to repay you a thousand times over, with kindness, with hard work, with loyalty. Just give them some time, don’t take everything away, it’s all they have left! This world is for none of us if not for all of us.

Please, if you feel the same way, share your views, do what you can to make a difference, you can make a difference. Donate your time, clothes, supplies, money. Support those who are out there doing what you would love to do but cannot for whatever reason. There are a multitude of great organizations that need your help.

If you would like more information about the current situation regarding refugees in Europe, please consider following any of the links below:

Are You Syrious? — https://www.facebook.com/areyousyrious/

ProActiva Open Arms — https://www.facebook.com/proactivaservice/?fref=ts

Lighthouse — Refugee Relief on Lesvos https://www.facebook.com/lighthouserelief/?fref=ts

Good Chance Calais — https://www.facebook.com/GoodChanceCalais.2015/?fref=ts

ADRA Europe https://www.facebook.com/ADRAEurope/?fref=ts

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