Maggie Morgan 
47 Meters Down

Have you ever wanted to swimming with sharks? Well these two sisters, Kate and Lisa did but their adventurous idea went south in the worst of ways. Kate and Lisa went for a vacation in mexico thinking it would be one of the most amazing trips they would ever take. An opportunity of a lifetime came up for the sisters and that was to go cage diving with Great White sharks and Kate is extremely eager to go while Lisa is unsure about the adventure but Kate eventually convinces her to go. The two sisters set off the coast to see some of nature’s most fearsome sea life and have a trip that they will remember for a long time but this so called wonderful adventure turns into a living nightmare when the cage that the two girls are in breaks loose from the boat and sinks to the ocean floor. This wouldn’t be so bad if Kate and Lia didn’t have hungry Great White shark swimming around them trying to eat them. Lisa and Kate must somehow work together to figure out a way to get 47 meters up to the boat and to safety without being eaten by sharks. When the trailer for 47 Metres Down first came out audiences went nuts for it and we’re extremely excited to see this movie, because who doesn’t like a shark movie? But most thrill movie lovers were disappointed by the outcome of this movie and thought it was a bit cliche and easily predictable. Others on the other hand thought this movie was amazing and almost as good as Jaws, which let’s face it, no shark movie will ever be as good as Jaws but hey, they tried.

In an article written by Frank Scheck posted in the Hollywood Reporter he says that, “The films dialogue and characterizations are not its strong suit, as evidence by such moments as when Lisa and Kate take the opportunity to work out some sibling issues during their ordeal. And the endless series of near misses by the ravenous sharks certainly qualifies them as the most inept predators on the planet.” Frank Scheck says that the overall plot of the movie is a very good idea and that the thrill factor is there but the characters and how the director decided to place certain scenes in the movie did not flow correctly and it was poorly done. Timing is everything in a movie and the director, JoHannes Roberts, sadly did not get the timing down which ultimately gave her movie a rough time. Scheck did have some good things to say about 47 Meters Down though, “On its own B-movie 47 Meters Down works just fine, not wearing out its welcome thanks to its quick set up, rapid pacing and brief running time. The CGI rendered sharks are surprisingly convincing, and Holt and Moore do an excellent job of looking terrified throughout. And the surprise twist at the conclusion, while not exactly convincing, provides a suitably nasty jolt.” It is very hard as an actor or actress to be genuinely scared on the big screen especially when working with CGI and Holt and Moore pulled it off pretty well. Thats a win in any actor or actresses books. As Scheck said the movie works just fine but there needs to be tweaks and things need to be added and taken out to help make the movie flow better which sadly the flow of the movie was hard to understand. Like in one scene where Lisa and Kate were talking about their sibling quarrels while trapped in a cage in the ocean surrounded by Great White sharks. It just didn’t really work in that moment of the movie.

In an article posted by Mike D’Angelo he said, “While Lisa and Kate go about solving their various problems, a different sort of problem occurs to the viewer, who can’t help but notice that both women are due to run out of oxygen before the movie is even halfway over.” D’Angelo makes a very valid point here about how the movie was made because the movie is so far fetched in some parts that it’s just extremely hard to believe that that would ever happen in real life. This creates a problem for the movie because if the movie is too far fetched for the audience to believe then the movie won’t sell and that’s exactly what happened. 47 Meters Down made 5.5 million at the box office which isn’t a lot compared to other movies that have come out this year including other shark movies. The only part of the movie that really kind of redeemed the movie was the ending. The ending threw such a twist into the movie that it makes up for how terrible the rest of movie was. 47 Meters Down just wasn’t original in anyway and it really didn’t provide anything new for the audience to see so it didn’t make it very big in the shark movie world.

47 Meters Down could have been a very good movie if the director would have changed a couple of things like how and where he decided to place some scenes. One scene in particular when Lisa and Kate are working out their sibling issues while stuck in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean with limited supply of air. That scene shouldn’t even be there because it just doesn’t work with the movie because at that moment and time nothing else should matter except getting out of the shark cage and getting to the boat alive without being eaten by shark. There was a part of the movie, however, that I thought was done exceptionally well. The ending was great because the director decided to put a huge twist in that flipped the entire movie upside down and that was a brilliant move on his part. I really think that the ending saved the movie from being a total disaster. Overall though it was pretty much your generic shark movie and every article I found that had a review about 47 Meters Down said the exact same thing.

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