G20: Germany, The Future for America?

The riots and extreme leftist terrorism that has occurred during the G20 in Hamburg, Germany was disturbing and enlightening. Showing me what a country controlled by radical leftist ideology can become and the extent of Antifa’s hold on Germany.

Burning cars for no reason, looting businesses and even implementing mob tactics such as selling signs to stores so they don’t get attacked.

There is extensive video evidence of the insanity of these Far Left Terrorists. They are all over the western world and are a cancer that bring chaos.

They seem to be nothing more than greedy feeble minded children with a very selfish look at life. Having no plans and just wanting to beat “the man” they run around causing damage and stealing things from business owners that made something of their lives, unlike them.

German government allows these people to do this and be their strong arm against free speech and free thinking. Germans who don’t want open borders or socialist government are considered Nazi’s by their leftist countryman. The police do not stop Antifa in Germany and it is said that some police are even part of the group.

Lauren Southern was targeted at the G20 by Antifa and was photographed and her location tweeted by a far left journalist from Germany , Soeren Kohlhuber. This despicable man put many peoples lives in danger and outed them as Nazi’s when they were not.

Two journalists, Luke Rudkowski and Max Bachmann, were attacked and beaten by Antifa because of these photos.

Lauren Southern left the area and hid in a building for safety because they were looking for her. She wore an “identitarian” shirt, she later said was an accident and she turned it inside out after noticing.

The same German “journalist” told Antifa that she changed her shirt and an Antifa twitter page was following her and tweeting her location constantly.

Germans who have different opinions cannot openly talk about such things and if they do will be targeted. Germany is the exact thing that we do not want America to even come close to.

Here is a take from a German civilian who is also not accepted by the leftists…

Now, is this a possibility of where America is headed? In the sense of Antifa rioting and being a bigger terror organization like they are in Germany, Yes. There is also States that will allow them to do such things like they allowed it in Berkeley, California where the governor supports them.

On a Federal level though it doesn’t seem possible of course because we have Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he has not brought the hammer down on these groups yet but it is likely that if it gets worse he will.

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Stay safe and don’t be a fascist!