The Alt-Lite Accused by Many to be Becoming Leftists: Not Completely True

There are many quite big YouTube users such as 1791L and LAWereWolf who have attacked the Alt-Lite in its attempts to fight back from the hate mongering of the Left. Saying that they are attacking free speech and saying they are using free speech. This is wrong, they did not shut anything down like the left has done many times before. For example the Julius Cesar play that shows our standing President being violently murdered. There was only one idea that could possibly make this okay that I have heard; “It is a good message behind it because after killing Cesar the Romans collapsed, so if we kill our President then we will collapse”.

I think this idea is a very nice idea though with a violent visual. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about this and just see our President being murdered and with the amount of hate that has been thrown at him by the Left it just seems to push radicalization of their followers.

Going on stage is and telling people that they are helping radicalize people is not an SJW tactic. They stalled the play for all of one minute and it continued afterwards, not shut down, no violence. There is nothing wrong with this in my eyes and we should be doing things like this to push against the people who are saying we need to kill our President. THIS IS TREASONOUS

Here is the Video from 1791L to get his ideas on the subject…

In this video he talks about how Obama was depicted before and also to his honor, shows that the Trump play is more violent than any of the others. Showing that they have bias against Trump and want to show him in particular being violently murdered because their audience loves the murder porn.

He believes the Alt-Lite is going down the wrong road and also doing things that have no point to it such as Jack Posobiec from Rebel Media posing with this sign…

Some think this sign is useless because the Supreme Court has already decided that free speech includes “hate speech”. This is just one point of view and is a very one sided idea, the point of this sign is not to proclaim legislation but it is a push-back to the SOCIETAL ideas that hate speech is real and that it should be illegal.

People are seemingly choosing to be blind to what the Alt-Lite is trying to do or they are just ignorant, but ignorance is no excuse especially when they are supposed to be informed.

There is also this photo that is very bad optics. Allowing such signs as this at their Rally For Peace is so bad and Jack posing with such signs is a disgrace.

These groups that bash the Alt-Light have many good points that seem to be slip-ups by the themselves. There does seem to be many things that they have done that have created bad optics for themselves. Though this is bad optics though it is very nit-picky. Only two signs in the entire rally that people are talking about and don’t pay attention to anything that the speakers said or the reason for this rally.

LAWereWolf, who is a bit smaller a channel, brought up some good points of things that Rebel Media did that is possibly quite bad. This video is his dissection of the possibility of Rebel Media trying to scam its followers and raise funds to #FreeLaura…

This video shows that they made the funding site before the arrest happened and she seemed to be trying to get arrested. She could have just gotten kicked out after her display on stage but she decided to make a ruckus outside with police and got arrested. This just suggests that she was trying to be arrested for the funds to come in and scam their followers.

The issues I have with these creators and those making similar accusations is not that they are wrong on many of these accusations. The issue is they choose to only talk about the things they dislike about the Alt-Lite when they talk about these things. Ignoring the entire Rally For Peace and focusing on a few signs is just like what CNN and the rest of mainstream media. This is not real journalism and gives a one sided point of view, give all the information, not just what pushes your agenda.

Though I disagree with some of their ideas on topics they make great content and I hope you will take a gander!

Here are their channels: