The North Korean Issue

Recently as well as in the past, Americans have been given propaganda against North Korea and its leadership. Though much of the information in this propaganda is accurate and factual, it also has a bit of a twist on the reasoning of the actions of Chairman Kim. The country is, in fact, an open prison to its citizens with brainwashing of the highest order. Requiring them to believe in it openly in public or be sent to jail, work camps or best-case scenario, being murdered. North Korea has good reasons for its actions, and it could very well be argued, and proven, that they have been pushed to their actions by America. We are given this devious and evil character who will stop at nothing to see the west destroyed. Being told that they want to rule the world and are making nuclear weapons to attack America and our allies. These are some of the twists I mentioned, giving slightly accurate information but the reasons for creating such armaments are skewed to beat the war drums, for they have something the US desires.

Going through the past propaganda against former regimes, it is easy to point out the reasons and means of which American government with the help of Legacy Media pushed their narrative. To start, in the early 1950s the CIA performed Operation Mockingbird where they infiltrated the news organizations to control what they said and did not say. Then in 1953, the US along with the UK orchestrated a coup against the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. They were on the side of the monarchical rule of Mohammad Pahlavi who would be more or less, in the pocket of the US and UK. The necessary information of this is that the US and UK desired the oil that was in the land and the leader was against them. Trying to audit the oil company from the UK and limit its control over Iranian petroleum reserves, the company refused. Following this, the Iran government voted to nationalize their oil industry and expel foreign corporations. Saddam switching his oil prices to the Euro currency and this was reason enough for Churchill and the CIA into the country and install by any means necessary, their political agents to stage the coup.

Another example would be the testimony from Nayirah Al-Sabah who claimed that the Iraqi soldiers came into a hospital and took babies out of incubators and threw them on the ground to die. This girl was never in Kuwait where she claimed to be and was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by an American public relations firm Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. This was publicized widely by the media and pushed the US public to back Kuwait in the Gulf War.

Many leaders have been taken out by the US, but the Kim family was wise in realizing the history of this. If they did what Muammar Gaddafi, the family would have been taken out already. Instead, they chose to push forward with their nuclear projects and missile capabilities and defy America. This gives the US an easy way to make Kim Jung Un look like a bad guy to the public. He is a very evil man who is revered as a literal godly being, on top of being a Communist dictator and keeping the wealth that the country does have in Pyongyang. But of course, America will leave out their desire for the minerals that North Korea is on top of or the real reasons why North Korea is doing what it does. They are just playing the geopolitical hand they were dealt by the US.

America has facilitated this geopolitical hand with its bully tactics on the North Korean economy to keep the rare earth minerals out of the market. Convincing other countries to join the sanctions and thus, starting the road to where we are today. With constant talk and threats coming from both sides, North Korea will keep saying such things, but it will never make the first strike. The only country that will likely make a starting direct attack is America; I say this with the knowledge proclaimed in North Korean plans that they know they cannot win a war with America. This is precisely correct of course, and they have positioned themselves in the only answer they have that makes sure the Kim family can keep power, but at the same time, Chairman Kim subjects his people to extreme poverty and punishment. The North is not threatening to strike first when it makes its statements, but that if they are attacked that they have weapons now that will make such a war very costly to American and its allies — South Korea and Japan most likely.

North Korean state media has regularly announced that it will destroy the enemies of the DPRK, along with missile threats to South Korea, Japan, and United States. We are told by American media that North Korea wishes to reunify the peninsula, but this is wrong. They are aiming to bully and extort the South when they so desire. I affirm this with the reality that they would not be able to start the war up again with the South without American intervention. South Korea is so scared that even with the backing of the US, they still back down at any instance of provocation from the North. They continue to provide the North with concessions; the South has in the past 20 years given over at least 10 billion dollars without any monitoring whatsoever. God knows how many weapons or nuclear warheads could have been bought or made with this money.

There is also the issue of China being friendly for years with North Korea and defending them in talks time and time again. The more recent revelations showed that many Chinese banks were working with North Korea as well as the amount of trade between the two countries. This showcases the slightly secret dealings that these two countries have together, causing President Trump to have a talk with China’s leader and put more sanctions on North Korea as well as the Chinese banks in question. Russia was an ally of the regime as well until recently when they as well condemned the Kim leadership. We are unaware of any business done between these two countries, but if any, it is not likely to be very much due to Russia being in shambles. So, even with multiple rounds of sanctions on the DPRK, it has been able to grow in GDP with the help of South Korea’s concessions and China’s trading and banking support.

None of these issues even get into the actual problem with North Korea and the reality that it is a human rights disaster. A good example would be with Otto Warmbier who was taken by the regime with trumped-up charges and faked evidence. His roommate on the trip making a statement that is very convincing in the fact that Otto was falsely charged and taken into custody before just before leaving the country. Later to be returned in the most extreme condition I have seen come back from captivity and died soon after. This of course with the current political climate was a non-issue for the American Far Left. With such comments as being glad that “his White privilege doesn’t work in other countries” and a complete lack of caring for a fellow American. In the past, such a situation would bring on a wave of desire to create some response, possibly even straight for an attack. Let alone the atrocities that the Kim regime has committed against his citizens, especially those who are not keen on being under his rule. With lack of food for those outside Pyongyang and electricity being nonexistent for the same people, while he and those allowed in the city live in luxury.

America is in the right being against North Korea, even though this all could be arguably started out of greed for the rare earth minerals, Chairman Kim is a despot. Not only is he horrible to his people, but he is a global harasser playing games with millions of lives so that he can stay in power. He is not crazy or dumb, but he is an evil man who puts himself above his people and is not afraid to use extreme force on anyone against him. The years and years of work camps and lack of food we can only imagine how many have died in the horrible conditions of the North. Just from starvation and illness related deaths, the toll is an estimate between 240,000 and 3,500,000 North Koreans, let alone those who have visited and never come back.

With this affirmation, we must think about how to deal with such a threat and the amount of force is the best choice and determine the possibilities of North Korea striking back. The US could not nuke North Korea, for the radiation would affect the South and they are an ally. There are still many options on the table though. Whether it is CIA going in, covert military mission to kill the leader, a full-on ground assault or just bombing the hell out of them. We must then think of any countermeasures that North Korea could deploy. They could try to fire nuclear weapons at America as they have been threatening. They might not even try to hit the US with a nuke but just opt to attack the easier targets of Japan and South Korea. Though they too have missile defense systems and have a chance of defending themselves as does the US. It is even possible that the North will plant a nuclear device in its own territory as a trap, blowing up as many enemy invaders as they can while also creating mass casualties in the South and to its people.

In the end, though America has a massively more significant military than North Korea, the casualties of an all-out fight would be numerous. America would likely have to make sure that the South was on board and possibly even Japan due to the threat such a conflict would impose on them. South Korea might not be up to the task of such imminent danger, assuming from their past practices of continually backing down out of fear. Japan also could fear such a future with their lack of military presence. The threat of North Korea is genuine, and something that should be dealt with before their missile capabilities reach a level that would make them even more dangerous. America has done little about this gross Communist country, and it has become a thorn in the side of the global community. The decision for what to do in the future is a hard and treacherous one, where many lives are on the line. The media is pushing a particular skew along with leaving out some information, but most is factual, and all the facts must be known to the public so that we can keep government in check.