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BLVCK DIVMOND™ — Grant Leingang announces ‘Space Marketing’ development for Space Nation: Asgardia.

Asgardia sounds like a dreamland. When I first discovered it, it felt like something from a video game, movie or book. As I stood and thought for a second, it finally hit me. Every child dream I’ve ever had has come true, thanks to Asgardia.

We as an agency are very excited to be apart of the development process for Asgardia. At the early stages of the economy, we will definitely be there. When I discovered what the entire concept was, I was overwhelmed with joy. BLVCK DIVMOND is excited to be apart of this new space nation, we want to be able to give every citizen of Asgardia the ability to have a fresh/futuristic look into the future of design and marketing. Personally, Asgardia is something I have been dreaming of since my childhood and seeing it slowly grow is blowing my mind.

In order for me to fully design our new development plans, it will obviously take some time. I am excited though to announce we will be starting on development for this project very soon. BLVCK DIVMOND is always looking for the next big thing to be apart of and Asgardia is definitely in our scope. This nation will be nothing like anyone has ever seen and I’m excited to be involved in a nation that’s developing at such a rapid pace, especially in space.