‘BLVCK Corporation’ celebrates new ad campaign focusing on feminism

BLVCK Corp., the parent of BLVCK DIVMOND, has recently approved and launched what is looking to completely change the corporate marketing world with the introduction of the first of its kind ad campaign that seeks to showcase the women’s strengths with a major focus on feminism. The team at BLVCK DIVMOND has been designing this new marketing campaign during the fall of 2018 with the aim of drawing in some attention. The primary focus is on women’s strengths through a complicated year. This campaign and the ones to follow are a new social experiment for the Corporation and will signal the beginning of a new era in the world of marketing.

“ We’re really excited as an organization to focus on something like feminism. I think showing the beauty within women who want to be something other than just a princess is exactly the positive progressive approach we need right now to end the year. Instead of dividing everyone based on looks, I want to show the world that there are multiple definitions of what a feminist is. As a designer, I am very excited to take this project on and I think our first print went very well,”
— President Grant Michael Leingang

The BLVCK Corporation plans to release a wide range of prints relating to the significant differences in the strengths inherent in women. The aim of the campaign is to show the world all the positive aspects of women with the hope of reflecting a positive demeanor on the different female styles, types, and attitudes. The initial scope of the project was to capture the attention of the audience and reflect a beautiful positive message.

As part of the uniqueness of the campaign, the digital solutions giant used successful women across several industries, with the first model choice being “Curaline Grace,” an upcoming Instagram Model with more than 400,000 followers. Curaline Grace currently has 415.6k Followers, 309 Following, 1,766 Posts on Instagram. The graphics design for the project was handled by Grant Leingang with Chris Lewis doing the photography.

Curaline Grace Instagram:

Graphic Design: Grant Leingang Model: Curaline Grace Photographer: Chris Lewis

The studies during the development of the design led to amazing discoveries which included the ad campaign image reflecting different outlooks on each individual based on their upbringing and or dominant culture that they collaborate with. The following words have been linked with this image and design from the case study:

What we discovered:

Free Thinker, Classy, Real, Expressive, Diverse, Rebel, Adventurous, Strong, Feminist, Alternative, Beautiful, Confident, Loyal, Motherly, Genuine, Soul, Vintage, Brave, Luxurious, Controversial, Princess, Gentle, Fashionable, Sophisticated.

The goal is to reflect the beauty that resides within strong women in the United States and across the globe that have been able to find the beauty within themselves and strive against all odds to become successful in life.

The corporation plans to roll out at least 3 to 4 different prints before March 2019. Within that time, designs for posters and physical space are being developed and A-B tested.

The world can anticipate more development and mockups of future marketing plans from ‘The BLVCK Corporation’.



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