Meth Is Still Portland’s Biggest Drug Problem, It Could Be In Your Family

It’s cheap and gives users a blissful high that goes on for hours, sometimes days. Methamphetamine, or meth as it’s more commonly called has been plowing through American streets for decades now, devastating several communities in its path. Unluckily, Portland, OR is one such community.

As fast as law officials can catch wind of it, drug traffickers are busy feeding the growing meth epidemic on Portland’s Street, leaving behind a trail of broken homes and damage lives. In fact, it’s not just Portland, Oregon on a whole has been labelled one of the “methiest” states in the United States after witnessing a 32 percent increase in meth related deaths since 2000.
Meth arrests in the state have also doubled over the last six years. While labeling it as the “most serious drug threat,” the Oregon’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program, reveal in a recent report that 62 percent of law enforcement agencies believe that meth contributes to majority of the property and violent crimes within the state.

Once Their Demand Supply Will Follow

The issue is, although local suppliers have reduced, demand remains high among addicts in the area. Once there’s sufficient demand for something, someone will provide it for profit. So, in order to remove meth from the streets of Portland, OR, more effort should be invested into getting addicts the help they need, not just by authorities but local residents also.

Simply, ensuring that an addict in your family get the help they need is a simply yet effective way to help in the fight against the growing meth epidemic. In fact, overcoming a meth addiction typically requires both professional and personal support.

Treatment For Meth Addiction

Due to its addictive properties, it’s often times impossible to overcome crystal meth addiction without professional and medical supervision. Meth is twice as powerful as cocaine and triggers dependency faster. It’s is primarily a “feel-good” drug that pushes the brain to release dopamine in excess. The dopamine then creates a state of euphoria or makes the user “high”. Once this feeling of complete positivity and pleasure disappear, the user may continue to seek out the drug in an attempt to relive the experience…then addiction comes knocking.

Due to the fact that it’s so addictive recovery from meth addiction can be very difficult. Typically the addict will requires intensive inpatient care and cognitive behavioral therapies in order for his/her to overcome their dependency on the substance and teach them to cope with withdrawal. 
As with most forms of substance abuse, it’s always best to seek help from a qualified Portland, OR, drug addiction treatment center. Each meth addict is unique and will require a personalized treatment plan with a combination of therapeutic behavioral interventions and professional support, applied in specialized drug treatment facilities.

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