Does Adderall Show Up On Drug Test?

Are you about to undergo a routine drug test? If you would like to ask this question, “Does Adderall show up on drug test?” the answer is a big YES and will give the result of presence of amphetamine substance. Let me give you some more valuable information on drugs tests.

Why is Adderall drug test required?

Adderall is prescribed to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Although, this drug will not create a feeling of euphoria, there is still a risk of it being abused leading to an addiction problem when taken for extended periods.

Many companies implement the drug test policy as part of their screening process when hiring employees including the Adderall drug test. Why? This drug is a prescribed drug, so it’s legally allowed as part of a medication treatment. Unfortunately, even if it is a prescribed drug, the final outcome of a drug test will not distinguish it as a prescribed drug if the result shows traces of amphetamine because other prohibited drugs sold illegally in the streets also contain amphetamine.

What are the types of Adderall drug tests?

Again, if you are bothered and would like to confirm whether or not, “Does Adderall show up on drug test?” it can come up on the drug test result as an illicit drug, particularly on your urine analysis report. Hair and sweat tests may also be required as part of a drug screening procedure. Blood screening can also be required for Adderall drug test. The following are samples will be required from you:

· Blood

· Hair

· Sweat

· Urine

How is Adderall detected?

In most drug screening procedures, a person undergoing Adderall drug test will be asked for urine sample. Based on your urine analysis, the presence of Adderall can still be detected after four days or a week of intake, regardless it is a single dose or multiple use of this drug. The range required for it to validate the presence of amphetamine is a test result of 500 ng/ml in the person’s system.

How is Adderall abuse found on blood?

If you want to check whether a person is abusing Adderall or not, blood testing is performed and should at least provide a blood test result of higher than 0.2 mg/L to confirm a case of Adderall abuse.

Can presence of Adderall affect your drug test?

Does Adderall show up on drug test is among the concerns of individuals who are under this medication. Yes, indeed in can show up on your drug test, but don’t worry. If you are really prescribed with this drug, all you have to do is bring your prescription bottle and a letter from your doctor. Your doctor’s information must be there, so that if the lab clinic where you had your Adderall drug test wants to inquire about the validity of your prescription, they could easily contact your doctor.

If you are legally allowed to take Adderall, having traces of amphetamine in your system doesn’t mean disqualification to a job you are applying. You just need to show proofs of authenticity of your doctor’s prescription and have bigger chances of getting hired.

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