I appreciate your well thought out response.

Normally people compare players using per 48 since players don’t always play the same minutes. Harden played about 100+ minutes more than Westbrook, so per 48 they averaged about the same turnovers but Westbrook missed over 300+ shots in less minutes. Theoretically a missed shot is a wasted possession, and my original argument was that shooting efficiency matters most in the NBA, as opposed to “scoring”. Also, I would need to see the data on this “uncontested rebounding leading to a better fast break” because it sounds like complete bullshit.

I wasn’t criticizing his defense in my original rebuttal, I just found it compelling that he doesn’t contest FGA so he can grab rebounds (its not a theory btw, it’s all facto!!!). Where are you getting your “strong defensive season” claims from? His opp shot +6.9% better than expected which sounds like lazy defense to me (again check the Reddit link I posted).

It’s no coincidence that Roberson, Kanter, Adams and Oladipo all regressed from last year according to pop48 (http://bit.ly/2p7EChb). The Jazz didn’t have much of a better team according to WP48. It’s amazing they had a better record with all the injuries they’ve had!You can’t blame Gobert for being a system player; He’s top 3 in both offensive and defensive efficiency and your response is that he doesn’t shoulder the same responsibility as Westbrook (mind you he’s the first player to accomplish that feat)? You need better arguments to defend your boy.

We’re done here chief.

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