Is there any value in people who cannot write JavaScript?
Mandy Michael

There is definitely value in HTML/CSS skill set. The question though becomes, are there enough jobs available where only those two skills are enough of a value to get a well paid job. I think the way the market is, you have to add to that skill some related skill set to the table, such as Design, User Experience Architecture, User Testing expertise, etc.

Please don’t think I’m biased to JS only though. I regularly interview people for front-end development positions. It’s a requirement for the types of responsibilities that the job entails to have a solid grasp of all of the “big 3”. I’ve rejected candidates that were experts in JavaScript, but only beginner level with CSS. And I’ve rejected expert CSS developers because they lacked any real JavaScript experience.

I strongly agree though that there is a healthy limit to what a single person can truly become a master in. We shouldn’t fool ourselves to thinking a “full stack” developer has actually mastered every piece of a technology stack. I think the T-shaped developer description is a much more accurate (and healthy) description of what a workforce should follow and strive for.

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