Subtle Sorrows

Memories colliding, I remember
I remember the times before the innocence began to fade
Before faith turned to hate
Because the same God you praise
Seems a little distant to hear my prayers

Their words of comfort can’t heal
Foreign to the pain, how can you understand how I feel
Assign a scripture, maybe a manual at the top of a hill
Surely that would make it easier to deal
The pain, a messenger to remind me that all is not well
Rest well
Now lie beneath these covers
Cover your smile, they’ll try to bring you down
They hate it when you’re happy

Accustomed to the lies because truth be to told…
Well, you can’t handle the truth
Memories colliding, I remember
A time before my soul
Turned bitter and cold
Can’t be bothered to walk down memory lane
Resurrecting demons of old
Retelling stories better left untold
Sing me a song, warmth for my soul
Survive the night and befriend the fog
As much as I try to convince them
at heart, I’m a Prince
They still label me a frog
Shouldn’t be long before I find a place I call home

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