First Day of School (Non-Fiction Short Story)

Blythe Oblivion
Oct 10, 2017 · 2 min read

So, back in my creative writing class, we were introduced to the Pillow Book of Sei Shounagon, whose rather philosophical yet beautifully crafted introduction pulled me into her illustrative world.

We were encouraged to recreate that style in our own ways, but seriously, who can? I’ve tried, but it just ended up sounding like a bunch of old 18th century aristocrats talking about their garden’s bush. As though to further prove this, the Hemingway test actually puts the readability of such pieces at grade 10 or above, which is miles away from my usual grade 4–6 readability.

Not that that’s a real problem though, just that this isn’t me, or my style of writing. But I figured I should still share my first piece. I’m not too sure if I will continue this, but if you see another piece at grade 10+ readability, you can be sure I’m at least trying something similar.

Hemingway Test:
Readability — 10th Grade
Est. Reading Time — 00:00:52

— -

It was as though you were climbing out of a ditch you yourself had dug. After spending days working in a place of dim light, the sunlight seemed almost like an enemy, blinding you and bathing everything in a foreign light. The trees have lost their monotony; the earth has lost its weight. All of a sudden you felt like an undead, treading the path back home with trembling steps.

Or, you were a bird that had locked yourself in a cage and threw the key away, expecting to find some time and space to enjoy yourself — to be yourself. But as time went you began to regret it, recalling the colours and the warmth of the world outside. Then a day came when the door of the cage was opened, and you stepped out with energy, with anticipation, with hope. However the world had changed in your absence — the colours vibrant in places you don’t recall, dull in places you do; and the warmth now a cold breeze, stinging your skin. You were suddenly afraid of the unknown, of what laid beyond. With each step your feet grew heavier, and with each thud of it against the floor your enthusiasm plummeted; all you sought was the comfort of the cage you had just abandoned.

First Day of School :: END ::

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