Some movies are censored in the UAE why?

Movies are the mirror of our immediate society, and most Emirati’s population just like people from other countries are shaped by what they see in the movies and other Medias. However, the United Arab Emirates are pro-cultured people, and they are aware of what is aired in major movies, that is why the country has enhanced a censorship approach in limiting what Emirati’s watch in both local and foreign Films. Governed by religious beliefs, the country has set up standards aimed at regulating what content is aired in their movie scenes.

The aspect of film censorship to many can be viewed as a backward way of regulating the content within movie scenes, however, I believe in line with the country’s ideologies film censorship is seen as a better way of regulating the code and conducts of people in what they view. The traditional Emirati’s culture which is pillared towards religious doctrines calls for the censorship of movies in the country with the sole purpose of ensuring quality content is aired to the masses.

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Modern westernized movies have open up to social issues which have been inclined to support same sex marriage; pornography; violent acts and even religious subordination which have elicit numerous reaction and reviews from people who watch such movies.

Therefore, for the country’s Ministry of Information and culture to regulate the movies industry in the country, to me it’s the best to do, as this is aimed at protecting the countries cultural heritage, shape the code and conducts of the current generations and the generations to come. Thus, as Emirati’s we should embrace the censorship programme carried out by the Ministry of Information which is dedicated towards protecting our cultural heritage at all times.

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