And if it really makes “no sense” to you why I would go that route (target a message for a particular audience segment) , well..then I guess there’s a reason that I’m a communications strategist and you’re not.
For the record, it’s NOT a commiseration piece.
Jennifer Hoelzer

Actually I think it’s telling how smug and condescending you come off here. My point was that if you’re only talking to half the country then you don’t care about improving the quality of the American voter across the board. You’re very sensitive aren’t you? Well that’s tough. For a communications strategist I have to say it’s a bit pathetic to try using an appeal to authority to anchor your argument. I don’t care what your title or degree says--you’re still still approaching this from one angle and now you’ve gone and demonized everyone seeing it from another vantage. All because you got a bit flustered by my critique. Good communication skills!