Why are we “tasked with making amoral decisions”?
Let’s deconstruct that just a bit, because I think you’re still missing the larger point I’m trying…
Jackie Thornhill

Yes this is a fundamental difference our ideologies — I see an American life as far more important. That’s it. I’m not afraid to say it or recognize it.

Why are we tasked with making those decisions? Because if we didn’t we would be dealing with more issues than we currently have. Russia is currently taking advantage of the power vacuum we left by pulling from the MidEast. The fact is, if we aren’t going to take up the mantle of the hyperpower then far more malevolent regimes will — Namely, Russia and China. Iran is also a viable hegemonic power at least within the region. None of those options are favorable to us when the state of the global economy pivots around who holds the cards in that region.

It’s unfortunately true that at the end of the day people like you get to live these plush lives and people out there don’t always get to. The problem with that is, people living the plush lives have a tendency to think like they are some character in Star Wars or Harry Potter — that good and evil is just defined alone the lines of morality. The fact is morality is bounded by the amoral — the decisions that have brought us to a point where you can ponder whether we have become the ‘baddies’ are the decisions that keep you alive. The decisions you might advocate for in the future wouldn’t have gotten us to where we are today.

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