You’ll Never Be Good Enough, Here’s Why
Patience E. Randle

Now is the time when you are young to follow your dreams, and gain experience. Trust me on this, you will never be good enough as long as you strive to be better at your craft. It seems to me as I look across the office that everyone else has all this confidence and power and I am just struggling. I never feel I know enough, good enough or have power.

As an old guy in a young person’s world I ‘ll occasionally look back on my life, and survey the life events I have survived and things I have accomplished. Then I think maybe my life time struggle has made me a stronger person with a shorter bucket list and the power over life. I think that we use the wrong metrics to measure success. Popularity and money brings its own set of bigger problems if I think about it.

I like the honesty in your writing, you seem to have the guts to tell people what is inside you. The thing the rest of us most fear to let see the light. That is where the inspiration part happens for us. Knowing that someone we can admire has the same feelings, struggles, and doubts.

Your pictures show a lovely young woman, but your writing shows the beautiful per son who lives inside. Thanks for the chance to reflect.

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