Getting to Know Max

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Max Kron, and to be completely honest, I hardly knew him before that. Sure, I had a couple of classes with him over the years, but I really did not know him any better than I would any other classmate. However, after this interview, I felt like I got a glance into Max and got an idea of who he is as a person. One question in particular revealed a lot about who he is. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Me: “If you could change anything about the way you were raised what would it be?”

Max: “Um. . . I was raised with. . . or at least my parents are really. . . uh. . . they were strict, but almost to the point that they were too strict. Most of my childhood, being middle school, I didn’t really have one. ’Cause all my friends were out doing stuff, because now in high school, yeah you have stuff to do but you also have other school activities, so you don’t really have that much time for that. Even now I’m really limited. Like if there is a homework quiz out of four points, I get one wrong it’s a seventy five percent. I’m grounded for the weekend. So, I mean that’s one of the examples. I feel like I were to be a father in the future, I would still be strict, because I feel like that’s a growing issue with a lot of kids in our generation is that there parents raised them and don’t care at all, and then you have issues. Um. . . but i feel like there is a balance and that’s what I would change.”

Think about what he is saying here. His parents are strict, yet he knows they are not being strict out of spite. They are not trying to hurt him. They are doing what they do because they care for him. Max knows this. He understands they mean well, going as far as to say that he would follow their lead if he was a father, albeit not as intensely. Max takes what others would deem a disadvantage and just integrates it into his life. I am of the opinion that he takes whatever frustrations he has and pours it into his passions. 
After the interview, as we were walking back to the classroom, Max was explaining to me his interest in paintball. He was telling me about this competition he went to where there was thousands of people who competed on opposing teams for three days straight. The excitement in his voice told me how he felt about paintball more than any of his words ever could. Max is a man who follows his passions.