Maybe that is all we can wish for

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She is independent
but married
Family demands attention
leaving her wanting
- lonely
A cliché that stands the test of time

He is magnetic
and charismatic
A tempter of the faithful
Living absent constraints
- longing
A metaphor for an unsatisfied life

Distance strengthens their connection
Knowing the ultimate sin
without igniting the flame of passion
by skin touching skin

Absence encourages actions
Believing no damage transpires
From distant admiration
Challenging — No, requiring each
to continue
their predestined path

Thoughts of what could be
encourage correspondence
Thoughts of what won’t be
soil the daily rewards
of lives well lived

They remain tainted souls
fulfilling expectations
satisfying others
unaware that
momentary happiness
bestows the ultimate prize


Brenda Mahler

Real life person sharing real life stories to inspire, create laughter, and help learn to love ourselves and others. Subscribe — https://iammybest.org/subscribe

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