How do we figure out where the action is in real life?
Robert Merki

Yes, for sure. Lots of people have pointed out sound as an element of a “really immersive interface”. If a lion roars, you’ll whip your head around. But you also won’t notice it sneaking up on you.

More of an open question on whether people want open world immersion, or if they actually want a directorial opinion or point of view.

As the content creator, do you want to design experience where the action is hidden or out of the default point of view?

How does the medium of VR story telling change how people interact with the content? Will we see people re-watching great content multiple times?

I can keep writing sentences that end in question marks. This is where all the interesting experimentation is happening right now, and the only way to find out is to create more content and try different things. Slightly in parallel is pushing the envelope of interfaces. I definitely want to look at a new kind of video controller / interaction / notification that gives the viewer some of these controls.

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