Don’t Build Private Clouds
Subbu Allamaraju

Off the top of my head there are a couple of issues here:

  • Sensitive data, security and regulation
  • Large RAM VMs (prohibitively expensive with most providers)
  • Internet speed for file access (where I live dropbox/google-drive simply aren’t as nifty or nearly as fast as Samba/CIFS shares are).

The CapEx/OpEx dillema also works both ways, if you can do with a handful of of-the-shelf server machines for hypervisors in your facilities, a no-cloud private VM farm is a very inexpensive choice for a small business, often less expensive in the long run than reliance on cloud providers (most machines of this type tend to run well for large part of a decade). And when you figure that out it’s just a matter of how cheap and simple to use stuff like OpenStack is now and will be in the following years.

I’d even wager that considering serious cloud based infrastructure only comes into play when you cross the “dozen servers” line. Good thing for small shops starting “round about now” is that cloud-native apps and services are first-class citizen of your infrastructure from day one. They can give you one-off app tests (you don’t even have to go to the big three, you can go to zillion other cheap small providers) or very inexpencive backups very easily, and limit the number of choices you must face in IT for such an organization. Bit suggesting people to ditch their metal simply won’t work for most people.

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