Why I hate your Single Page App
Stefan Tilkov

There is a lot more luddity in this article than real, grounded critique. For example, majority of frameworks for single page apps are heavily pushing RESTful-ness through their respective routers, and promote having adressible resources. Sure, some people are lazy and ignorant but that has nothing to do with selected design. A lot more people were lazy and ignorant when designing server-side ASP/JSP/PHP monstrocities and the like.

Furthermore, there is simply no reason not to trust the ability of client-side frameworks to be stable or maintainable, whilst trusting server-side ones to be. And don’t give me crap about JavaScript since guess what: Java, PHP, Ruby and even Python — they all suck donkey ass as well, just in different places.

And while I agree that behind every SPA there should be a server-side state machine managing access to the core resources, it sure as hell shouldn’t be dealing with per-client presentation. Likewyse, while majority, esp. sensitive parts of business logic doesn’t belong on the client, there is absolutely no place for presentation logic on the server either.

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