Exercise 4.7

  1. This story would be a review of the upcoming performance(s) of Cabaret at Lynchburg College.
  2. Several aspects would need to be explored for this story. The first would be providing adequate background information of the theatre company that will be delivering this performance. The second would be attending the play to review this specific performance of Cabaret.
  3. The main people involved are as follows: Lynchburg college students, staff and faculty; people attending the play and people involved in the production and performance of the play.
  4. This story will take place at Lynchburg College at 7:30pm Feb. 25–28.
  5. First, I would begin by researching Lynchburg College’s past theatre productions. Some topics I would research include: former cast members, turn out to performances, musicals/plays selected to perform, how long the college has been putting on plays, etc. I would also want to attend the actual event in order to properly review it. I would watch the play and pay close attention to aspects in need of reviewing. Some of these areas include: costumes, acting, set design. I would also describe the atmosphere of the theatre, such as how many people showed up and what the mood was like as people observed the play. In order to get the best scope of how the play did, I may want to attend the play for multiple performances. Finally, I would want to research the actual play Cabaret. I would want to provide information about original performances, actors and the intended writer’s mood. This would allow me to better communicate to readers what to expect when attending this particular performance of the musical.
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