Are We In Good Hands? By: Ben Marshall

In this advertisement we see a middle-aged man who is in very good shape and is currently active on a hike. His story is told through text, the headline is a quote from Damion Anglin (man in photo), “I serve customers like I served my country”. Damion Anglin supposedly works for Allstate and attributes his credibility to being in the military for ten years. This advertisement is carefully constructed to create a trusted relationship between Allstate and the consumer. The spokesperson, the personal anecdote, and attempt to show validity proves that this advertisement is effectively appealing to the need for guidance.

To prove this advertisement’s appeal to guidance, we meet Damion. Damion is a man who has fought for our country and who knows what it is like to see his life flash before his eyes. “What makes a good Marine also makes a good Allstate Agent. And Damion Anglin is living proof”. This reassures the consumer that you can trust Allstate because they hire reliable people such as Damion. This gives one screenshot to the representatives and agents you will work with if you get Allstate. The use of Damion tries to put a casual face to his company as well. Instead of Morgan Freeman continually advertising, they want a face they can relate to, an ordinary looking guy who has done wonders for our country. This is psychologist Jung’s technique that refers to telling a story and showing the benefits of purchasing the advertised product. I believe these strategies are quite effective in gathering consumers to think highly of Allstate. However, I do not believe Allstate did a great job at talking about their insurance itself. I still feel I do not know too much about the advertised product. But I do believe this ad gives the resources and the motivation for people to do their own research.

This effective ad is primarily aimed towards active young men who are in their 20’s to 30’s. They are guiding these men to “own your own business” and “earn what you’re really worth”. They propose the question, “Want to build a good life for yourself and run your own business?”. This question pertains to people who want to make something for themselves. Men in their twenties are still often lost and wanting to make something of themselves. Their unique selling point is that Allstate will guide these men towards success they want. Unlike the other car insurance agencies, Allstate will lead the consumers in the right direction and will give them the opportunities needed to have the success they desire. These younger men want to be as respected and living the life Damion lives. I believe women can also be affected by this ad, but the stress of the military and being active truly makes me believe they want these young men to feel gravitated towards Allstate. This is most likely because the media has generalized that men are the ones who are starting families and who set up the insurance for the family. I do feel visually that this advertisement could be more appealing, but it fulfills its role of guiding the consumer towards what they need. The header is perfect because it makes you want to know more which is exactly what a good header should do.

Ultimately, this ad effectively uses the need for guidance to give the consumers a clear answer on who to chose when it comes to car insurance. With Allstate “you’re in good hands”. This slogan furthers the notion that Allstate is an ally that you can trust, unlike some of the other car insurance companies. I think that the strategies utilized were well-thought out because of how non-aggressive they are. The ad almost makes it seem like they are not trying. Damion is setting the precedent for how all lives are with Allstate which is important especially in young men who are constantly looking for and needing this guidance.