By: Ben Marshall

Media Analysis this semester was a fun class, however, it is not the “second semester senior” class that was anticipated. I think going in, this class had a reputation of being an easy class where all you have to do is sit and watch movies. This was definitely not the case. The blogs and thought provoking Schoology discussions definitely did not match up with the original class description given by past seniors. I do, however, believe this class was still very much worth it. The biggest standout or thing I took away from this class was the demographic unit where we studied race and gender and read the articles about specific memories that minority celebrities/talented artists had where they felt personally discriminated against. I will always remember the excerpt where Mindy Kaling spoke out about not getting cast as the role she wrote for herself because of her race. I really took away that all media is, is a different form of money; in this world money comes before people. As twisted as this is, I think it made a very cool class study. The consistent connection to the cave made for great comparisons and high-level analysis. My favorite part of this class was the tv shows we would watch in class. I was exposed to television that I had never heard of, but bettered my understanding of entertainment television and where it comes from. I had always heard great things about Will & Grace, but I had never gotten to see this hilarious show until this class. If I were to give a message towards incoming seniors who will take this class, I would advice them to take the class only if they are willing to dedicate time to the class. Because a great majority of the class is not busy work, so the points that you do get matter. You should not half-ass any media assignments, because while the class is very doable, it is very easy to fall behind.