Making the Case for New Running Shoes

3 weeks into my training, I finally decided that getting new running shoes was probably going to be a good idea…

Generally speaking, you should be able to get about 500 miles or so out of a brand new set of running shoes. My marathon training’s total mileage is pretty close to that, between 460–470 miles over the course of 19 weeks.

So what’s the importance of running shoes? Well for many people, they are a lifesaver when it comes to providing support and stability for you feet and your entire kinetic chain. The constant pounding of the pavement (or whatever surface you run on) can be pretty wearing on your muscles and joints. Having a good pair of running shoes really can help to alleviate that issue. They can provide support for your feet and help cushion the impact.

Although there is no research directly relating running shoes to injury prevention, I like to think that having a fresh pair of running shoes to slip into while the mileage goes up is more comforting than not having them.

I went with a new pair of Brooks, some nice green, blue and black color scheme going on. They feel like a dream honestly, probably one of the better shoes that I have worn in recent memory.

Tomorrow is the true first test. I have been wearing them around the apartment to break them in and they definitely feel good. Looking forward to the 7 miles ahead tomorrow!

— Keep Running

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