Running the Hills

So this morning I did have plans for a 4 mile easy run but I got motivated to do something a little different. So there I was, making the turn down a main street all the way to the bottom of the hill in my town…running along the main street, and then turning around to run back up the massive hill. I ended up only doing 3 miles, but about 1 mile of that was an incline, so I thought it best to give my legs some slack and cut the last mile.

This turns to a concept known simply as, quality over quantity. Even though I probably could have pushed through to do that 4th mile, my legs had a much different working than usual, particularly my quads when going up and down the hills of the 3 miles. If I plan on running 2 more days this week, it is essential that I don’t get egotistical about my mileage and focus instead on training correctly. The last thing I want at this point would be injury of any kind.

The total mileage was 3 miles, 10:25min/mile pace in 31:19. A total of 38 floors were climbed, not counting any decrease in elevation.

Hills are a great way to mix of training if you have them near you, a good mix to keep things interesting is what helps you stick to a training for the long run! 4 tomorrow.

Keep running —

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