The Importance of Lifting Weights While Training for a Marathon

Not only is it important, but I would go so far to say that lifting weights should be an essential part of any runner’s training plan.

Now typically using weights makes people think of super big muscled dudes in the gym grunting and yelling, which can be the case sometimes for sure. But the kind of weight lifting I am speaking of is the kind that helps keep your muscles in good shape for endurance events. Typically this would be 5–8 exercises focusing on the larger muscle groups with 3–4 sets of 10–12 reps.

I like to try to the major areas of the body: chest/back/biceps/triceps/shoulders/abs/legs. I see one simple reason that it is necessary…you need to be able to hold yourself up, especially for long periods of time. Having a strong well-oiled upper body is essential to being able to hold yourself upright in good posture. This will enable you to run with more efficiency, and make you better at running!

The argument has always been one versus the other, but honestly the best way to go in my experience is a good mix of both, with a bit more of an emphasis on the area of focus. In my case, cardio and running are more of a focus because I want to do well in the marathon. But having that balance overall in the exercise plan is essential to a full on successful program.

Can you tell I lifted weights today?

Keep running —

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