What i learn of Definitely, Maybe

Love is a complicate matter, usually does! I need to confess i am a shy guy and obviously not very good in love. I remember the girls i was date had a lot problems of self esteem and my own problems of self esteem makes a total mess and chaos. Definitely, Maybe! its a movie to consider, Ryan Reynolds become one of my favority actors. The movie give us valuables learning of some concepts of love and i learn something…

  • Love change! i know this obvious but in our enviroment the statement “and live happy forever” makes us think the love is constant… and NOT! Love change, if you don’t feed the love… dies.
  • A soulmate is a lie! Yup, that not exists, usually you choose who want to love.
  • There’s someone who keep in you heart! Even if that person is not with you and pass several years. But beware, feel you miss a person don’t mean you want to be with that person.
  • Time it’s a matter a time, sometimes you can’t choose! You feel you come later or too much early? The relationships need to be on time, but sometimes you or the other person don’t have it ! And if there’s not synchrony then usually all goes bad.
  • Not all separations are dramatic, sorry but if you want to be no civilizated the problem is you!
  • Plans change… its important to have it but if you want God laugh, tell to him your plans…
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