domestic violence =\= celebratory dances.

I respect your reply but I was simply stating why I’m not watching anymore. Sorry, but all the ridiculous amounts of showboating and celebrating is what turns me off to the game. I was stating why I’m not watching anymore. Actually the National Anthem controversy is what finished it for me. There just seems to be a lack of respect in the game now.

I’m well aware of the concussion issues and the tragedies of ex NFL players who endured numerous concussions over their career. It’s a something that needs to be addressed and I’m glad the NFL is finally taking notice. This is one of the reasons I’m glad my son doesn’t have interest in playing the game. I’ve already seen kids my son’s age who have suffered severe concussions and/or other major injuries such as a torn ACL before the age of 12! It’s a violent sport and it’s hard to change that aspect of the game.

Either way, it just doesn’t appeal to me any longer.

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