I find this to be exactly the case in my person opinion.
Brett A McCall

Oh, this is Jason’ article. Maybe a broken leg and hopped on pain meds first thing in the morning is not the best time to comment on an article where I missed important details like WHO THE AUTHOR is.

The thing is, I love this perspective and way of operating. But I have NEVER ever never worked with a company that did independent time well. Finding there is greater inefficiencies in being separated or working at a distance then there has been with being right next to each other and having more agility as a team to respond, reflect, etc.

We are about to move into an office space, we are building, and it seems the expectation is going to be for us all to fit inside that space. I love the idea of parking my stuff at a desk and “living there” except when I am not because I am working on something outside that space. It is important to me to create a context of “working outside” and “working together” are balanced and seen as equally valuable.

But it might be a context that serves only me. I know one thing for sure… my broken leg is preventing me from being in the office daily, right now. Its a blessing and curse, but certainly helping me crank out a bunch of work when the pain meds aren’t in such high demand.