shifting tectonic plates
Brett A McCall

Quick update: Immediately after getting the request from Melissa Berdine to publish my article into the Ascent, I met a woman here in the coffee shop. She was curious about the book I started, “The Rise of The Creative Class by Richard Florida”. Within 2 minutes of talking she asked to sit down with me for tea.
The depth of connection and personal|professional intimacy that happened next is something I would frame as impossible. Quickly, my mind started to attempt to fit the connection into a box… “CMO”, “Lover”, “Priestess”, “Coach”? It took effort to quiet these box-born labels and allow myself to relax into the present moment with a dear friend whom I am having the pleasure of meeting for the first time!
We are planning to meet on Friday to reconnect… in the meantime, we are both living with the mantra to “Chill the FUCK out!”

Times are intense and the last thing we need is for the genius in everyone of us to be anything but relaxed and confident.

My next move was to approve this publication in The Ascent. Because I have literally just started my journey!