stratego dreams

day 25
here is the talk I mentioned
in my article about starting my company
wrote that one on the day I started to assemble the game bits
that was the day I wrote the values that have guided us for 3 weeks now

initial brand design.. surfacing during a quickee session with my wife, Diana

we have a brand
we have a solid team
a bank account and two offices
our workflows are coming together
we have a fully functional demonstration walkthrough
and we have a client with a contract

we sit together 
first to see the company clearly
then to strategize

I scheduled our first facilitated session
way back at the launch of the company
the question I determined in our planning earlier this week:

“What innovative, substantial actions can BTU take in the next 3 to 12 months that will give us financial freedom and internationally award winning content?”

its a sizable question
one that will require more than 4 hours of our collective attention
but we are heading into it with the same confidence that compelled the launch
in the first place

all along the way
I confront doubt
fight past demons
and call on team

we stand together
unique in our powers
each dazzled by a different face
of the cube that is

we are Better Than Unicorns!

this is the sticker my wife found on the morning of my Creative Mornings talk