This morning, I am driving into Asheville, westbound on I-240. My head is full of the idea to fill my conscious attention on the present moment. Aiming to more fully take in what is happening, inside me and outside me. I am listening to Chains of Love by The Arcs, turned all the way up, wanting it to be louder… to feel the sound in my whole body, when I look up over the footbridge and see a man leaning up against the chainlink tunnel. Both his hands were extended, in his left hand he held a plastic water bottle with the lid on it and a backpack on his back. He wasn’t moving, just standing there. I honked my car horn and sent the message that everything is going to be ok.

At this moment, I could feel the peace in my mind. This morning I woke up at the time I said I would, trained like I said I would, and picked up with my day in full force. After packing my lunch and while eating my breakfast I handled a few small tasks, including paying overdue bills. The release of unnecessary burdens. Left the house to arrive at Fractals on time and arrived with extra energy to jump on this computer and pound out some words.

Back to the drive. I feel somehow connected to this man, under the chain link fence tunnel. We, he and me, are doing our work. We are showing up. And the times aren’t any easier but we are more resilient. He is a comrade I have yet to meet.

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