A set of old tools laying on a workbench
Although design sounds all-encompassing, different projects can require vastly different tools. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that all design is the same (image from pixy)

A check engine light activated on a car dashboard.
The check engine light is bad design. It serves as an aggregation of all other alarms and causes a lot of decision making problems for the car owner. Image source (wikimedia).

Comerica Park from the upper deck.
A day at the ballpark can still be a lot of fun…assuming baseball makes some changes (from pixabay).

A series of mobile phones showing how their shape and form have changed over many versions.
In mobile phones, it’s easy to see a clear distinction in evolutions and revolutions for products. (From wikimedia)

How to take better advantage of your most valuable resource: users

Photo: Paper Boat Creative/Getty Images

If you’re only supporting the most obvious user goals, you’re missing something

Photo: CarmenMurillo/Getty Images

A team conducting user research with multiple forms of data collection. Should a developer be part of this? Image from flickr; photographer: gdsteam

In early computers like ENIAC, the only option was to interact with the machine. Now, we know better and have more power to design it right so users can interact with the world. From wikimedia.

Brian McKenna

Designer. Customer Experience Director. Been at this for 15 years. Live in Pittsburgh, but will always be a Chicago guy. Go Cubs! On twitter: @bkenna1

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