Brooke Eyring

English Composition 1

Mrs. Rhoads

Brooke Eyring

Parenting Stuggles

Parenting is a very tricky thing to master. Relating my writings to a book called Beautiful Boy written by David Sheff, Sheff goes through more with his son than most parents could even imagine. David has a son named Nic who is a meth addict. Most parents could not imagine going through something like that with their child, but for David it was his reality. Drugs are not an easy topic to discuss between parents and kids. David struggled to stop his son from using and was often not finding any way to connect with his son. He also struggled to make Nic understand the terrible effects of meth.

It is nearly impossible for someone to talk someone out of doing meth, especially when they are already an addict. Once they are addicted, there is no stopping that person under any circumstances. David struggled to keep Nic under his surveillance. My parents have always set standard guidelines for me, but nothing too harsh to want to make me disobey them. I see their rules as reasonable and needed. Nic did not want to listen to either of his parents. Nic also struggled because his parents were divorced, so the two households often set different rules. I am fortunate to not have divorced parents. I believe this helped me understand their rules and follow them.

Connecting with your children is often difficult. David struggled to connect with Nic, and in one part of the book Sheff explains that he once smoked pot with Nic. My parents would never do that with me. I think Sheff set a bad example and made it seem as if it was okay to smoke pot. I think that led Nic to using harder drugs. David also shared with Nic that he once used hard drugs. I believe that led Nic to use harder drugs as well. I do not have any trouble connecting with my parents. We actually have a lot in common and have the same views on almost everything. I enjoy spending time with them. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents.

I do not think that Nic knew the terrible effects of meth. He knew that his dad had tried it in the past. I think he saw that his dad turned out okay and thought if he tried meth then he would be okay as well. Some people are just naturally more addicted to things than others. In this case, I think that was part of Nic’s problem. Being honest with your kids is always a good thing, but maybe David should not have shared with his son that he had once done meth. Maybe he could have later down the road, but I think the timing that David choose was not a good one. My parents have always warned me about drugs. I have learned from them to never do anything that would cause any harm to my body.

Parenting is one of the hardest things someone can go through in life. Every parent wants to have a good relationship with their child, and they want their child to be successful, but what if their children don’t want the same thing? Divorce is another thing that is tricky. Most children hate going through it rather than enjoying it. It is a grueling process for not only the parents but the children. And the child going through it doesn’t have a choice. I hope that one day I can parent my children the way that my parents have parented me.