Diary of a Fintech CMO: How to Capture Company Culture on Camera

Brian Mehta
Sep 4, 2018 · 4 min read

For the past few years, I’ve been sharing ideas about pushing my company to think like a start-up, about the importance of cultivating the right company values, and developing a strong company culture. In today’s post, I’m returning to the idea of company culture, but from a slightly different angle: company culture as caught on camera.

Let’s rewind and define what I mean by “culture.” Organizational culture theorists have long debated what culture is, however, I want to look at company culture as that which is shared across an organization. Here at Trading Technologies (TT), we have four core principles (We Are Tech Pioneers & Visionaries, We Take Risks, We Value Ownership Above All Else, Our Commitment to Users Goes Beyond Software) which serve as the foundation for everything we do across each of our 13 offices. At a surface level, you could look at these principles and get a taste for our company culture– that which we share at TT– however, our values can’t tell you the whole story about who we are and what life is like at our company. It was with this idea in mind– wanting to showcase a more complete picture of culture at TT– that we created our newest recruitment video,“Come Work With Us.”

“Come Work With Us” does more than simply provide data about TT as a workplace– it alludes two core values which underlie our work but are not included in our official company principles: design and creativity.

From my perspective, everyone should value design and creativity. But that is not always the case. For us at TT, design is essential to our external and internal processes alike. Where our product is concerned, design is integral for ensuring positive user experience and giving users accessible, highly functional tools to trade and create strategies. Internally, our office environment is a result of our commitment to design of our product: it’s a fun, flexible, and creative space that encourages employees to achieve their best and collaborate with others. Thoughtful, innovative design is a large part of what has allowed us to be successful with our product and with our employees.

And what fuels this thoughtful, innovative design? Creativity. It is truly a fundamental element of our product development and product delivery mindset: “Always building for what’s next” for our clients and users. The same holds true for our work environment that affords fun and efficiency, inspiration and convenience: that’s all creativity. At TT, design and creativity go hand and hand, and we aspire to implement the duo in everything that we do.

The same was true for the creation of our recruitment video. We designed “Come Work With Us” to showcase how we as a company truly value design and creativity. From brainstorming to writing the script, to the aesthetics of each shot and the final editing process, we carefully crafted a video we thought would capture culture at TT on camera– a culture where design and creativity are of utmost importance.

A culture where humor, too, is part of our values system! And fun, and not taking ourselves so seriously. A culture that is inclusive of each of our offices, of our diverse and global team. This is a video that, in conjunction with our principles, provides a better look into who and what TT is.

This is a video that was created the in same way our platform was created and in the same way we work every day: with our values and our people in mind. The message, style, and execution is meant to strike a chord with an audience of intern and college recruits, but also with our own people. We are proud of this in-house, “homegrown” video that was shot and produced — with on-screen talent from around the globe — by the TT team.

We’re not the only ones excited about our video. This spring, we received for our in-house film both the Creativity International Design Gold Award in Film/Video and the GDUSA American Inhouse Design Award. I invite you to check out “Come Work With Us” here.

Brian Mehta (@brianmehta) CMO, Trading Technologies

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