Using Entreprise Design Thinking to reflect on 2018.

December is a natural time to be in a closed mindset. The shift in season encourages us to spend more time at home, to be more introspective and to narrow our drink choices — exclusively whiskey and mulled wine.
You likely feel this in your organization as well. Projects are wrapping up, budgets are being spent down and reviews are happening. Hopefully your team is also making time to reflect on the past year — the progress made, the evolution of your processes and the shared experiences that shaped your culture.
We use a lot of frameworks in our work as design thinkers. They help us make sense of information and facilitate a shared understanding of complex data points. And in many cases, they can be used for broader application beyond just design thinking projects or team-based reflections — in this case your life!» —

You could use:

Feedback Grid
Use it for yourself on a big 11X17 or with a team about your whole year.

Needs Statements
If you feel you’re drifting away from your checkpoints, actual needs and desires.

Empathy Map from the future
Do a empathy map of what your future self will do, say, hear and … feel at the end of 2019.

And after you’ve done a empathy map, go back to the present day and ask yourself «What did I do to get there?», write it down and organize the items in chronological order (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) … and use it for your checkpoints in january.

I would love your 2 cents on it.