A Meaningful Thank You

A year before when I got to know my son likes cars, I bought a cute little car for him to play with. When I came home I asked him to close his eyes and brought it close to him and ask him to open his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he got so excited and started enjoying it.

My wife immediately popped in and said, “Say thank you to Daddy” and he said, “Thank you. Daddy”.

Couple of weeks back I was in a Bakery having a burger with a large French fries. It tasted too good so I wanted to order a takeaway for my son. When I came home I gave it to him.

He said, “Thank you Daddy. Thank you so much”.

After he opened the pack and he started to have it little by little. The Aroma of the fries fill the room. I was tempted to take couple of fries from him.

When I moved my hand to pick up he stopped me and said, “Dad it’s mine”.

Last week my friend invited me to his house for a Saturday dinner. On the way while I stopped my car in the signal I saw a crippled woman begging.

Immediately my mind responded and said, “Thank you God for creating me complete”.

I reached my friend’s house and when I entered, his chubby little girl ran towards me I stopped her and I gave her a soft and silky teddy bear. She expressed her excitement and started playing with that bear. I felt bad that she is grown up but not brought up saying thanks to others.

While I was thinking, my friend walked in he saw the girl with the bear and asked “Ramya. Happy?”.

She smiled at him and she continued playing.

Then he turned towards me and said “Buddy, you are right on time because we just returned from hospital”.
I expressed “ What??? What’s wrong?”

The reply he gave shook my heart.

He said “Do you know Ramya lost her voice a year back? She is under therapy and the doctors say that she will recover but we have lost hope in this one year. There is no improvements.”

Those words muted my voice. My memory played a quick flash back where I went back to the same traffic signal and I recollected the words of my expression. Am I going to say the words again? If I reflect the same words again how rude it will be in this situation. When it is far i said thank you and now when it is near i am not able to. Far or near human are same.

That incident convicted me, if at all I must say, “Thank you” the creator who created me and the person who suffers disability can only understand a language with deed but not word.

All I am expected to do is walk with them and stand with them to extend hope to them because in this present time HOPE has become a very rare commodity for all of us to share.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Let's all extend our hands to those who are in need with the hearty commitment grounding on “ Love your neighbour as you love yourself”