My name is Arun Rajesh father of 2 kids one son and one daughter

I was Born in a town called Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India which is also called as the “Pearl City”


“Ships on the East”,
“Shadows of Western guards on the West”,
“Sipcot industrial complex on the South”
“Sterlite Copper on the North”

On a Friday morning 8:30 with a loud cry inside the operation theater of Philomena Hospital which is on the 2nd Street of Boltenpuram started my life. My parents were school teachers. Life was cool until they took me to the 3 Rd Street of Masillamanipuram and admitted me to the St. Charles Metric School. Except for the first 2 years almost for another 5 years I have to walk with my bag on my shoulder up and down 6 Km. The bag with so many books carried by me every day waited less than these 2 words in my note book stated homework.

Move from one school to another for my high and higher secondary education life was filled with joy having many friends around. Even though i scored less in my +2 exams somehow I got my steps footed into an engineering college choosing Computer Science as my group. Life was more fun filled until I realized I am in the final year of my college. I have to clear couple of arrears and to step into a job. It was a tough fight but somehow clearing all my papers with a first-class degree, started roaming in the streets of Chennai for a Job.

Rejected by few companies finally came to Coimbatore and with my brother’s reference got a Job. From a trainee developer to be a director of the company my life rolled fast. Numbers are always my area of interest and calculator as my object of interest. Life tuned to be always money minded. Inspired and Influenced by the power of money. Started ventures after ventures finally ended with losses thus, not knowing what to do. With a big lesson learnt in life which says “All that glitters are not gold”.

“Money is the weakest tool”

Which made me think

“what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his purpose of life”

Now I work with cross section of people who are poor to rich, helping them understand

“Provision is not greater than the Purpose”

Finally, I have learnt in my life

“Don’t follow things that has to follow you. Just follow the ONE who will make everything follow you and that ONE can never be a HUMAN.”

My life is a good example for the above and my purpose to write this to help people not do the mistakes what I did and to write the learnings I come across every day in my life.

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