Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

When Touch Bar rumors came out, I was worried about its effects on efficiency. As they demoed the Touch Bar in Photoshop, my fears were confirmed.

A big part of the workflow I’ve spent years honing requires the use of F keys to perform custom actions/processes. To have those same keys be relegated to a touch screen with no tactile inclinations of their whereabouts is inherently less efficient.

The Photoshop demo simply showed me that commands I am able to currently perform in a split second will be able to be slowed down by extra steps and visual distraction. They made it sound like harmonious two-hand operation of the program didn’t exist before the Touch Bar, and despite looking down to move sliders that could just as easily (and more quickly) be done by using the keyboard and mouse, they falsely claimed that everything was done while focusing on the image.

Realistically, these added actions of eye diversions and touch interactions will probably only add seconds here and there to individual tasks, but factoring volume of work makes the Touch Bar less of a harmless gimmick and more of an efficiency hinderance when you consider total added time if you have to work on a lot of files.

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