My BlackLivesMatter and AltRight Experiences
Amy Stephen

Amy, while I agree that racism exists amongst all races (the irony of prejudice is that it isn’t prejudicial to those in which it takes root) and I agree that things at home need more care and attention than those abroad (side note: I’m pretty libertarian in regards to most things), I disagree with this notion that white people are being oppressed in this country. You may say “White Pride” is not something that is allowed to exist, but it has in the past and history shows that the results have been terrible and filled with atrocities. Not to mention that we, as white people, seriously have far fewer struggles than other races, thus the lack of need to celebrate a phenotypic expression of our genetics. Now, I will say that there are things such as “Irish Pride”, “Polish Pride”, “German Pride” and so on and so forth. These things are perfectly fine. They’re a celebration of heritage, ancestry, and culture. What they are not is a celebration of skin tone. And this is true of most other races as well, the only exception being with Black History Month. You may ask what the need or purpose of having such a thing would be. Well, for starters, we as white people have never been treated as second class citizens just for being white. We’ve never been considered less than human, either by society or even within the constitution, just because of the color of our skin. Now, you might be able to relate to that level of oppression given that you are a woman, but myself being a man, I have not. But while neither myself or my other white male peers may have experienced this, black people have. You may have never experienced a higher level of caution or aggression from police forces, and no I do not believe that all cops are like this, but black people have. You may have had more opportunities in your education and may have gone to a decent school with good funding, but there are many black schools out there who have not.

You brought up the point of how do we help the state of inner cities and lower the crimes amongst black communities. Then you brought up backlash for even mentioning these topics. Well, for starters, it’s not that you mentioned these topics. It’s because you are obviously shifting blame back solely onto black communities. You’re not acknowledging that yes, black people have been, for centuries and decades, at an economic disadvantage as well as that they were not allowed the same educational advantages as white people. It may not be as bad as it once was, but those disadvantages for minorities still exist.

In regards to feminists, Milo Yiannopoulos is not a friend of women nor an advocate of women. The guy is a tool. If you can provide me an example of how women are attacking strong capitalist men just because of what they have between their legs, then we can talk. I said the same thing to my younger brother: “If you can provide for me just one example of how women have personally emasculated you or disenfranchised you, then we’ll talk.” Until then, this is just a typical #AlTRight talking point to make their misogynistic views more debatable and presentable to the public. Personally, some of my role models are strong women. Some of your AlTRight friends would probably call me a cuck, as they are want to do towards any female empowering individual. To them I say, I’m proud to see people as people and not by their genitalia.

Now, I’m not saying I agree with #BlackLivesMatter in all of their actions, I do not. But I do understand the reasoning behind having such a movement in the first place. As for the AlTRight, I’ve tried and I cannot understand them. I cannot understand the notion that white people are inherently better than other races. I cannot accept the desire for a ethno-centric state in which the population is comprised mostly of white people here in the US. I don’t view the opposition to such ideals as a liberal thing. I view it as being a decent human being. I view it as my Christian upbringing guiding me to being vehemently morally opposed to it.

In closing, if I’m being completely honest, I have very little faith that you ever felt the way that you did in the beginning of your article. The transition to the AlTRight ideologies seem too easy to have occurred that quickly. And if in fact you really did ever feel that way, then I’m sorry, but I’d have be of the opinion that your will must have been weak. And I highly doubt that any abuse suffered by BLM, and on Twitter of all places, warrants finding common ground with people who want a mostly white ethno-centric nation. There are villains in both the AltRight and BLM, Mrs. Amy, but as the book of Ecclesiasties says

“No extreme is ever good”

Good day