Who I am.

Run, run, run. I was crazy. I am crazy.

From a baby I’ve been dancing. I’ve been running. I’ve been singing.

I put on my Cinderella dress and blasted princess songs in my basement. That was when I was young.

Run. Kick. Score! Soccer was my life.

Turn. Leap. Slide. Dance was my life.

I lived for the parties, best friends, and candy.

“Daredevil” is what people call me.

I laugh with my sister and I dance until I drop.

I learn and I work hard too.

I love my family and friends.

My name is Brianna.

This song means a lot to me because it reminds me of being with my sister. It was playing when my sister and I were at this party and we were just dancing and singing and it was so much fun!

This is Misty Copeland. She inspires me because she shows that you can be anything and do anything if you work hard.
This is Rihanna. She inspires me because she is a really good singer and dancer.
This is Bethany Hamilton. She inspires me because even though she doesn’t have both arms, she is still one of the best surfers in the world!
This is me at 9:00 with my sister Brooke(in the pink). We just had dinner and we were walking around outside.
This is a picture of me dancing. I chose this one because I dance all the time!
This is a picture of a soccer cleat and a pointe shoe because I dream to get really far in dance and soccer in my life!