The Future of Amazon Lumberyard

Here are is few thoughts about what Amazon should do to skyrocket their new game engine Lumberyard


Amazon adopted Lumberyard from CryTek, the main flow with CryEngine was not in the engine, but in the company. CryTek didn’t bother themselves with customer support, relations and so on. So Amazon should work twice harder than Unity or Epic in this direction. Good documentation now isn’t enough to gain customer loyalty. They need:
* weekly sessions with dev team, you own the Twitch after all ;)
* short video reviews of each feature of the engine, well-structured of course
* build up forums, when there will be solid amount of topics, categorize them and split by subforums
* tutorials about how to build games of every genre from scratch
* twitter account should not be used for support, but for delivery of important messages related to engine
* paid customer support


Assets consume most of the game production time, this is why Unity’s asset store is so adorable by their users. And yet again, it’s not enough for Amazon just to roll out asset store and wait till content makers enter it. Buying some 3d content marketplace will not help either. Amazon should invest some time and money to produce starter assets for various genres and various settings. This will help to prototype fast and even create some great looking games in no time using flowgraphs. Many level designers will be happy with Lumberyard.

User interface

UI is not so crucial and probably not going to bother seasoned game developers, but if Amazon aiming for the big chunk of Unity community, they should make a lot of UI/UX changes in interface and workflow.

MacOS editor

I understand why CryTek and Autodesk don’t hurry up to release mac versions of the editors. Apple products just lack good GPU. Top priced Macbook Pro and Mac Pro are the only options. And even with all this fancy cloud build stuff we can eliminate the need for apple hardware to release builds. Unfortunately, there are many mac users among Unity community who will just throw up on windows login screen.