I Wonder

I wonder, what is it like to solve an unsolved mystery,

I wonder, what is it like to be a part of the history.

I wonder, how can someone be so beautiful yet so simple,

I wonder, how can someone be truly incorruptible.

I wonder, why is it so difficult to practice spirituality,

I wonder, why does one get trapped between the dreams and the reality.

I wonder, where can one find salvation,

I wonder, where can one resist the greatest temptation.

I wonder, if there is a cynical world up above,

I wonder, if life ever gave death a little shove.

I wonder, what plans must God have for himself,

I wonder, what spans the emptiness of the universe.

I wonder, how lonely the joker is in his own world,

I wonder, how busy he is drowned in her words.

I wonder, why the story always has a happy ending,

I wonder, why does it have to have a beginning.

I wonder, where is the line between madness and insanity,

I wonder, where on earth can one defy the law of gravity.

I wonder, if I loved being hated,

I wonder, if I hated being loved.

(Originally posted by the author on Ambivert)

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