Black Friday

For the second year in a row, my friends and I went black friday shopping on thursday night. This year we stepped up our game and went to the mall. The main reason we go black friday shopping is to people watch. It amazes me how so many people go crazy over this day full of deals. This year, I didn’t expect as many people to be out shopping since everything has gone digital. Man was I wrong… We walked into the mall and there was an ocean of people. There were moms, dads, college students, high schoolers and also those annoying, little middle schoolers who think they own the world. Girls would drag their boyfriends around, who clearly didn’t want any part of black friday. Moms would walk around with their arms full of bags from JC Pennies or Macy’s. The line for Starbucks was about 10 times it’s usual length as it went half the way around the entire food court. It was a zoo.

My friends and I made our way through the mall and found a deal that we couldn’t pass up. It was a Bath and Body works buy three get three free. The store was already over flowing with people, but we went in anyways. It was almost impossible to get through as there was maybe 3 inches between you and a random stranger who was also trying to push through the crowd. There was an employee holding up a sign that read “Line starts here” near the entrance of the store. It was a thousand degrees in the store and my feet were stepped on at least 20 times. It took us a good 30 minutes to find products we wanted. After that, we waited in line for about 30 minutes and then sprinted out of there after making our purchases. We were done with the mall after that experience. Like I said before, it was a zoo. We left to go to Kohl’s and Target.

The employees all looked like they were leaving for a vacation with the big, puffy bags they had under their eyes. They were about to fall over from lack of sleep. Not to mention they didn’t care about anything that was happening. My friends and I had shopping cart races through target, and not one employee stopped us. At Kohl's, the cashier took 3 different tries to get the purchase to go through. He might have been hired right there on the spot 5 minutes prior since it was so busy. I feel bad for the people who work on black friday. I could barely deal with people for 3 hours. They must have a super power to be able to do it for 12 plus hours.

It was a long but fun night. We started the adventure around 10:00 pm and didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning. I expect the black friday rush to go down over the next 5 years. All the major stores have a whole week of deals online, starting on cyber monday of course. I think it has hit it’s peak over the past few years. It is so much easier to shop online and not have to go out in the cold weather. Our black friday shopping tradition might turn into a cyber monday shopping tradition. I really don’t think it’s worth it to go black friday shopping, but it is fun to watch the people who do.