The Hardest Part of College

Oh, no… its getting closer. You’ve made it through your first couple classes and are about to walk to your final class that you have dreaded all day long. It’s not the actual class that you don’t like, it’s the professor. That one professor that just ruins your day and puts you in a bad mood as soon as class starts. You leave class every day frustrated because they rush through the lecture and leave you clueless about what just happened. They make you spend extra time going to tutors and studying just to find that the exams and quizzes are nothing like the notes or homework. They don’t curve exams even if the class average is a 60%. You lose all motivation to do well in the class because you feel hopeless. That is the hardest part of college; dealing with bad professors.

Being a first-year college student, I was brutally awakened my first semester with a couple tough professors. I didn’t do well in the classes and ended up with a lower GPA than I wanted. Great, I started my college career in a hole and will have to climb out of it the next 4 years, I thought. Not only did I get poor grades in these classes, but so did my classmates. It feels unfair to pay so much for a college education and get bad professors. And what should be the feeling of relief at the end of a semester turns into a feeling of defeat. It is hard to stay motivated and care about a class for 15 weeks straight when the professor barely cares to begin with. Whether they are boring, rude, strict, careless or close-minded, a bad professor can make you hate a class you thought you would love.

However, there are good professors too. I was lucky enough to get all good professors who care about students’ success for my second semester. We are about 2/3 done with this semester and my grades are so much better than last semester and I am so much more motivated to do well. There are a couple ways to avoid bad professors. The first way is to ask around campus about professors and see who the favorites are. Or, you can go online and there is a website called “” which allows students to read and write reviews on professors from universities all around the world. So, when you go to schedule classes for your next semester, search your options and then you will not get stuck with a bad professor. It is amazing how much of a difference a good professor can make.

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