Atropos (un-returnable) — Chapter 1

I’ve never get the idea about why people date?

How does it feel when your in love?

I always used to tell my friends that I’m always going to be single, single life is the best life that an all. It’s been almost 3 months that I’ve started high school. My friends were always talking about boys, so irritating. I wasn’t into boys that much , I thought that there were trouble. Some of my friends though that I may be lesbian but trust me I’m not. I never thought about them until then. It’s was most probably September . I was trying to concentrate on my teacher’s boring management lecture. I was so bored that I wanted to sleep but that was not the option.

I was feeling uncomfortable so I try to move in my seat, my back was killing me so without thinking ,I looked behind to see how’s my other classmates doing. But instead of checking my classmates I ended up looking at the window which was behind them. From that window you can see boys class rooms door. And in front of that door there was a boy standing , that boy was tall I can only see the back because he was facing the door so I couldn’t see his face , he was probably late he had the most perfect figure it though to myself .

He wasn’t fat or thin he was fit . He was wearing summer uniform so I could see his arm it was pale white, he wears glass ,a purple frame glass. . His pitch black hair was quite attractive, I was saying to myself what a pretty back. Suddenly the teacher opened the door and let him in. I quickly looked away. I didn’t wanted to be found out . I was thinking of that boy in my whole class then I talk myself out saying what are you thinking? are you a crazy girl?soon I forgot about it . But who knew that it was the beginning.

  • Khus

Notice me (Chapter 2)