See Metis Strategy’s wide-ranging interview with OpenAI CTO Greg Brockman in Forbes.

Here are some top quotes:

  • It is important for us to have a public and level-headed debate and conversation about “here is where we are; here is where we think we are going; here is where we hope we are going.
  • I think a really good way of looking at the world is mapping these new amazing capabilities and tools to what we can create with them that we couldn’t create before
  • If you think about self-driving cars, they are basically here. There is a lot of engineering left to do and lot of hard work and a lot of societal questions to answer, but it is a just a question of when; it is not a question of if. I think that is the tip of the iceberg. Robotics, I think, is really poised to start working. A couple of years ago that was not something on the horizon. Now it is not even extrapolation anymore to say that it is going to start having an impact.
  • I think that AI is the technology with the most potential to be a transformative, positive influence in the world. If you really solve AI, you improve the lives of basically everyone in really fundamental ways.
  • There is no question there is going to be quite a lot of upheaval. For example, you cannot hope to introduce self-driving cars and trucks into a society that has such a large percentage of people in the transportation industry without expecting there to be some sort of large effect. To some extent this is what the government is here for: to help [ease this transition]
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