Why wait for that big moment?

We wait for that big moment, we want that big spark in us all, to head the right direction. Don’t wait for it, create it yourself.

It seems the entire world is filled with positive thoughts, defined objectives and goals that only linger in the mind, waiting for something or somebody to kick-start them up.

New years bring resolutions, perfect Instagram images motivate us, quotes inspire us. And then we do nothing.

But patiently longing for that chance, a change, a spark is the biggest mistake anyone can do.

We don’t know how we are going to react at that moment in which we realize that we should have.

That’s a word that’s not allowed in our vocabulary: should have.

In 2011, I suffered an accident, details of which I won’t delve into, and I laid there in the MRI machine and the nurse told me: “don’t move, we don’t know if you can walk or not”, perspectives changed.

Everything I wanted to do flashed before my eyes. There goes that dream and what about that one? Oh yeah, there’s the other one.

And amidst cold, stinging air of a hospital, and beeping and whirring, I thought to myself: this is it. This can’t be it. It can’t.

It isn’t.

On my way to recovery, (a brisk and thankfully successful one) I spoke to a young doctor. She was about 35, married, two kids, and very positive.

We were at her office, and I was interviewing her for a book idea, when she looked at me and said: “If you were to know, that the accident you just had, would repeat itself in one year and you would end up in a wheelchair, is there stuff you want to do?”

“A lot.”

“Then do it. People don’t need to wait. Trust me, I’ve seen it. Waiting is a brutal game, it prolongs the desire until it weakens and it fuels frustration. Acting on things, on the other hand, puts desire in the center stage.”

There are moments in which I need fuel, I need that tiny boost to carry on, such as today, and many other days. I revisit that conversation.

If there is something you want to do, but you’re scared, do it. The worst that can happen is failure and failure is beautiful. It shows that we are human and we’re not perfect.

And not perfect seems to work well enough.

This post is part of Blogging 101 and, as part of the challenge, we were to take a blog post that inspired us and the comment we wrote. I invite you to check this post out, called Waking up without a wake up call, sweet stuff.


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Never stop. Pura vida.

riginally published at machinaverborum.com on January 14, 2016.

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